Friday, October 3, 2008

When a man is mean to his woman...

When a man is mean to his woman;

he destroys a very part of her soul that is everything tender.

He replaces tenderness with fear and mistrust. No matter how hard he works at it later, it takes repeated amounts of energy on his part to fix that kind of damage.

When a man is mean to his woman; she stops feeling pretty and wanted, she starts feeling unwanted and even ugly. Even if she is a pretty confident person, the meanness robs her of her equilibrium and shakes her to her very core. She has to work double time to get back on her feet.

Each and every woman has a gentle core, a soft underbelly.

She wants to forgive and move on, yet when she forgives someone who is mean to her, she fears. If she forgives her man more then once for being mean, she starts to doubt herself and then begins to shut off this delicate gentle tender core.

Everyone suffers when a woman shuts down her tenderness, there is no tragedy greater then a woman with no tenderness…………….second only to the tragedy that a man caused it.

The sadness on a woman’s face makes us all want to cry. I am overcome with the sadness in the faces of these women.

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