Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is it....

In just a few short days I will stand in front of my childhood home, a home of many memories....
(be sure that you click on the picture of the house and look around)

For my family now, this home was the place where I met my handsome hubby, where I first kissed him, where we first made love.... ( oh yeah...)

I cut his hair (my first time) in the upstairs bathroom.

I brought our brand new baby girl, Sara, here to live when she was a week old. Abby was conceived and joined us in this house almost 4 years later.

Bo and I lived here for nearly 5 years....we learned about each other, we learned how to be married and how to be parents.

Sometimes it wasn't easy, but it was fun! Still is....

Love Struggle: Paintings by John Gwinn, shown is titled, 'The Beginning'

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