Thursday, June 18, 2009

What a Week!

Going back to Indy was so many things.....

I loved all the racing we watched and I LOVED sharing the racing with my kids and Bo.

Trey proposed to Hope while we were there...very romantic!

I adored all the time with my kids!

When we were on the airplane, it was just me and Tuff and Bo. That was so sweet!

Bo and I totally reconnected with Tuff. I love that boy, well both of them!

For most of the week, Owen and Emily shared a bed in the same room as Bo and I. It seems that between Hope n Trey and Owen n Emily, everyone was getting their lovins in except for Bo and I! Very sad for us!

Though on a sadder note, going back home made me realize all the reasons we left there, namely my husband hated it there. He was like a fox in a trap, he literally chewed his foot off to get out of there. He got very quiet and sad in Indy too. He told me that he was sad about realizing what we would have become had we stayed there. I never got a chance to ask him all the details, but I gathered he was still happy that we didn't live there anymore.

We saw our old house, what a treat, the place looks good, but there was no nostalgia for me....none for Bo either. We enjoy the life we have created and do not miss what might have been back in Indiana.

The only thing that I truly miss in Indy is my family..Mark n Paula, Monica, Niko, Ryan, Jason, Dean n Karen, Morgan, Curtis, Shirley n Sonny, Laura and her family. I will have to post about my lunch with my life long friend.

I cherish the time we had there and I enjoyed every minute of our trip...

Though...I miss my kids now as we all came home and they scattered. Time to have a Sunday BBQ I guess! Just in time for Father's-day!

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