Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ken Dolezsar

Tonight we talked about Ken, today we cried about Ken.

It has been a long hard struggle. After Ken was killed, 2 dads of players on the hockey team made accusations about Matt and I that caused UVU to fire us on the spot.

UVU didn't even ask us about the accusations, they didn't want to hear our response at all.

We were heart broken, still are. The team we built with Ken and worked alongside of with him was broken beyond repair, we could not save it. Ken was disconsolate I am sure and so were and are we.

If Ken were still live, no man would have dared to even try to wrench control of the hockey team from him nor us.

If Ken were still alive Matt and I would still be working hard running and coaching the hockey team. The team would have continued onto great things, instead of the ridiculous sorry state it is today.

If Ken were still alive I would not be having to sue UVU to get paid.

If Ken were still alive Matt and I would not be suing two men that we once thought were friends, whom we had meals with and shared ours and theirs homes with.

UVU did a full 3 year audit of every single penny that went through mine and Matt's hands, they found no embezzling, no inappropriate use of funds, etc....

Everything in ruins, everything we worked so hard for gone.....

Ken would have made all the difference, but for some reason a guy took a gun and shot him.

Matt and I worked with Ken every day for nearly 5 years.

Ken a millionaire sat on my white-dog-hairy couch and never minded, he just wanted to talk hockey and be with Matt and sometimes me.....

Oh if I could reverse the wheels of time.....

On Sept 22nd 2009, the trial starts, My husband will be there for every day he can, his best friend, his best dear, dear friend was cruelly taken from him....

Ken was taken from this world way too soon......

UPDATE on Ken's killer's trail; Ken's family says it now has been postponed until Jan 22nd, 2010.

UPDATE: NOW - It appears that the trial will begin on April 19th, 2010 and expected to last until May 7th.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Marking one’s own body.

Many, many people feel that bodies are for decorating. We tan them, design our hair, apply make-up and even make more permanent markings.

My husband got a tattoo in June. Owen designed it. My hubby thought and pondered over this permanent marking on his body. The impetus for such a permanent marking? His best friend was brutally murdered, and shortly there-after, the business that he and his best friend had created and ran together was destroyed by people bent on revenge and jealousy. He was devastated by the turn of events, but he kept hearing his best friends voice in his mind guiding him and being there for him. His best friend was the true ‘measure of a man’.

“”"The measure of a man's life is in how well he strives to overcome his personal problems. Neither his temporary failures nor life’s unfair reversals or tragedies, and especially not his death, however untimely it seems, negates the value of his personal triumphs. They will go on forever - for him, for those who love him, and for all who follow after."
---Yorgason and Yorgason””

This picture was taken just in July 2009, on a very sweet family vacation. It was the happiest I have seen him in a long time.

Ken meant the world to my husband and hence, the major symbol of the design is a compass. The rest of the symbols you will have to ask him about……..

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