Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I have a phobia about taking family pictures!

I have a phobia about taking family pictures. I hate to take one without my children's partners, yet the only one that I have ever done that included the partners, the couples that weren't bound by marriage, each and everyone broke up within a month!

So now, I just hate to do take them! I love all my childrens' partners and I want to include them, but I am terrified that they will break up if I include them....

And....I hate to take a picture and look at them and say "sorry, you can't be included as you aren't part of our family"!!! How rude! Actually they are very much a part of our family, but if I include them, they will break up!!!!!

sooooooooooooooo...this above pic was taken on Matt's B-day, June 4, 2009. It wasn't posed or orchestrated, but when I got it off the camera, I realized that it had our 6 children and Abby's 3 children. It's our Beaudry Blood and that is what we call it.

It is a fun pic and just happened this way. It is prob our one and only pic that we will ever have this way.... I will enjoy it and everyone KNOWS that I didn't make it this way!

It was an accident!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

True Companion............

On our ihome, Bo and I have a playlist that wakes us up. I found this song not too long ago...

I LOVE this song!

HERE is a LIVE guitar version by Marc Cohn

I think of me n Bo and I think of Trey n Hope, Abby n Jake .....I think of all the people that love each other and are or have gotten married and I Just....well, I LOVE this song...

Lyrics to Marc Cohn's True Companion:
Baby I've been searching like everybody else
Can't say nothing different about myself
Sometimes I'm an angel
And sometimes I'm cruel
And when it comes to love
I'm just another fool
Yes, I'll climb a mountain
I'm gonna swim the sea
There ain't no act of God girl
Could keep you safe from me
My arms are reaching out
Out across this canyon
I'm asking you to be my true companion
True companion
True companion

So don't you dare and try to walk away
I've got my heart set on our wedding day
I've got this vision of a girl in white
Made my decision that it's you allright
And when I take your hand
I'll watch my heart set sail
I'll take my trembling fingers
And I'll lift up your veil
Then I'll take you home
And with wild abandon
Make love to you just like a true companion
You are my true companion
I got a true companion
True companion

When the years have done irreparable harm
I can see us walking slowly arm in arm
Just like the couple on the corner do
'Cause girl I will always be in love with you
And when I look in your eyes
I'll still see that spark
Until the shadows fall
Until the room grows dark
Then when I leave this Earth
I'll be with the angels standin'
I'll be out there waiting for my true companion
Just for my true companion
True companion
True companion

Friday, September 11, 2009

My husband is a firefighter

In 1993, my husband was in the job search market, he had a job he loved in a field he was good at. The down-sizing of the early 90's, left him with an awesome severance package and 6 months to find a new job.

It was during this 6 months that he told me he wanted to become a firefighter.

My husband graduated from the City of Denver Fire Department Academy in May of 1994.

After some time, Matt was hire
d by the city of Walla Walla Fire Department.

It was while he was working for Walla Walla that I got a call from him early one morning to turn on the TV. A plane had crashed into one of the twin towers of the World Trade Center.
As the morning unfolded horrifically, I remember each and every minute, where I was and what I was doing. As the day moved into night, and the realization that firefighters just like my husband, had kissed their wives, hugged their kids and gone to work that morning, just like so many other mornings.......were now never coming home. I was overcome with a grief that to this day has never left me. 343 New York City Fire Department firefighters lost their lives that day.

My husband says that he is there for people on one of the worst days of their lives.
My husband and his fellow firefighters walk straight into trouble, while helping others away from it.
It is a sad day when anyone whose life and occupation are committed to helping others is harmed in that dedication. 9-11 is such a very sad day.

May we never forget those who died, may we never forget those who planned and orchestrated such horror.

May we bring them to justice for their crimes.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Groovy Kind of Love

Ann and Bill Tillman; 2 people that were close and loving friends of ours in Colorado. Bill and Ann were always there for us. Devout fundamental Christians, they tried hard to be accepting of our LDS devotion, going so far as to tell Bo that they were concerned for us, but they loved us all the same. No we didn’t believe exactly as they did and they felt we were wrong, but they always loved us and helped us and were right there for us in so many ways.

Ann & Bill and their family On Father's Day 2009

Their kids were our kid’s friends. We had dinner at their house more times than I can count. We all had little farms with chickens, goats, pigs, cows, large gardens, etc. We all worked hard and fended for ourselves as much as possible. Bill was a plumber and a very good one. He had his own plumbing company and took care of many plumbing problems on the eastern prairie of Colorado.

I remember the summer that the prairie was on fire all summer long and Bo was out almost daily fighting grass fires. Some of those grass fires could reach 20 feet in the air! The way the flames raced over the prairie and jumped over the roads made me more afraid and more in awe at the same time, than any other thing I have ever seen! The night that the fires spread towards Ann & Bill’s house, Bo was in the black fighting it, but I was there with my kids and hers and we had hoses on the yards and the barns. I wound up taking all of our kids to safety as Ann & Bill stayed and defended their home. Late into the night, the good fight was won and all was well……

After we moved away from Colorado we lost track of Ann & Bill Tillman and their awesome kids….that is easy to do back in the late 90’s. There was no MySpace or Facebook utilities to ‘keep us connected with the people around us’.

About 5 years ago, we had heard that Bill had been in a horrific car wreck and was paralyzed from the neck down, a spinal fracture, Christopher Reeves type. So awful, my veins ran like ice to think of it. The new responsibilities of Ann, Bill’s wife. How their life had changed overnight.

About 8 months ago we all found each other on Facebook. We saw Bill in a wheelchair with a tube to his throat to breath. I can’t fathom it. I just can’t. He was once so vibrant, strong and healthy. I remember once our well froze up and Bill and Bo crawled down into the deep well hole and were warming and working down there. Bill was athletic and agile. Now, he can’t breathe on his own.

He can type though, at least I think, as we get can correspond with him on Facebook. My most favorite posting of his is in response to Bo’s status which read: Coach Matt Beaudry “is a gnarly bad @ss!” To which Bill replied, “Bring It!”

As a wife married to a man that I adore 95% of the time, I know Ann to be the same. Actually she adores Bill 100% of the time. I cannot imagine what her life is like, or rather I try to and I just nearly dissolve into a fit of depression.

I don’t think Bill can hold her, make love to her, or many of the wonderful things that a man and woman do together. My heart breaks.

Not too long ago, in June I think it was, Ann posted this status: Ann Tillman: THE BEST LOVE SONG OF ALL TIME….PHIL COLLINS “GROOVY KIND OF LOVE”. Just went on a walk with the dog & was listening to Phil on the ipod. Love it.”

Every time I hear this song now I think of Ann & Bill. My heart is broken and yet lifts at the same time, I sob and I laugh.

I know that their strong faith in God sustains them. Ann says, “Enjoy God’s beauty in each day.” And my favorite, “You do what you can, & you let God do what you can’t.”

Ann & Bill, you inspire me. Love you…………

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