Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I turn 50 in a few days………..

akes me sad, makes me cry…..so much of my life is gone, so much of my life is over…..my childhood, where did it go?

So many songs and so many song writers, Marie has issues, Michael is dead.

Forgive me for crying, forgive me for being sad, but I remember lazy days of teen-age years; laying on the bed, listening to songs, listening to Michael, dancing to Michael, dreaming, laughing, dancing and planning….Where did all that go? Where did my life go?

The Top 10 Michael Jackson Songs of the '70s

1. "Who's Loving You" (1969)
2. "The Love You Save" (1970)
3. "Never Can Say Goodbye" (1971)
4. "Ben" (1972)
5. "Get It Together" (1973)
6. "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" (1978)
7. "That's What You Get (For Being Polite)" (1978)
8. "She's Out Of My Life" (1979)
9. "This Place Hotel" (1980)
10. "Can You Feel It" (1980)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not only was I naked, I didn’t have my debit card.

My husband comes home from work at 7am after a 48 hour shift. I never sleep well when he is gone.

When my hubby comes home, if we don’t need to be anywhere and if we can stay in bed, I usually (within 60 minutes or so of him coming home) get the most satisfying and deepest sleep…. that kind of mind refreshing, body lead-heavy, mouth open, drooling kind of sleep that you can get.

This morning was no different…..ahhh such bliss.

Though, there was one difference this morning…..my sleep was filled with outrageous dreams. I am going to tell you my favorite.

==I needed something from the store so I get in my car. Just a few blocks from my house, at a stop light, I realize I am naked. I look around to see if anyone can see me. I see a guy standing on the corner waiting to cross the street , he has noticed. He gives me a big grin and then a ‘thumbs up’! Then he starts a strip tease dance! Mortified, I put my car in reverse and slowly inch back behind the cars next to me so he can’t see me. Does any of this humiliation cause me to turn around and go home to get clothes? Nah, dreams really like to humiliate us, so I continue on my way.

I get to the store and find a side entrance. So I sneak in and start ‘sneaking’ around the aisles looking for clothes I can put on. I now realize that, of course I don’t have my debit card, I am naked. A girl clerk comes over and for some reason I thought she would understand my predicament. I get a non committal shrug from her; she doesn’t seem to care about anything I am doing. As I continue to sneak around the store to find something, a t-shirt and some kind of pants, anything. I come across loads and loads of costumes with ruffles and feathers. Wouldn’t that be better than being naked, not in my mind, I’ve got standards!

….so I continue looking and blissfully my dream fades away as I am awakened by a husband who wants to make pancakes, bacon and eggs…so my dream had a happy ending anyway.


My husband says this is the classic dream of not feeling prepared….I say to him, I was born unprepared, and am rushing through my life unprepared.

My husband says the people and the places and things all represent something…at this time I figure that he is the man at the stoplight, as he is always supporting me and giving me the ‘thumbs up’, even on the dumbest of my ideas, his ‘striptease dance’ is his way of always being right there by my side and enjoying everything!

I figure my kids are the store clerk, “yeah whatever”, they say to whatever dumb thing I am doing. They are a pretty confidant bunch, so whatever dumb mistakes I am making, they don’t feel threatened by it!

Well, moral of story, at least I know:

  • I have a loving supportive husband; he’d rather be doing a strip tease dance on the corner than desert me.
  • I have dress standards; rather be naked than ruffles.
  • I have well-adjusted and confident kids/they don’t care if their mom is an idiot.

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