Sunday, November 15, 2009

Decimation; to almost destroy something; to inflict so much damage on something that it is reduced in effectiveness…

Ken Dolezsar – you were full of life. You came into our lives and took us on an incredible journey that none of us could have gone on without each other. You loved us and we loved you! You taught me about marketing, sales, managing, working in a team and about exuberance for a project.

Most importantly, you were my friend. You were my husband’s friend a
nd how can I convey, how much you are missed.

The tragedy of your death is combined in my heart with the tragedy of th
e decimation of the team. The UVU Hockey team was a creative effort, like a child, that You, Matt, myself and Sara created. No one person was more than the other, the 4 of us, were integral to the effort….we all enjoyed the Hades out of what we were doing….weekend night brought smiles and excitement! Weekend nights always brought a big hug from you, you ALWAYS commented on how my perfume smelled so nice.

My life will never be the same, my husband’s life will never be the same….we miss you Ken, we loved you and always will. May your murderer continue to rot in prison and subsequently roast in hell. Matt will be sitting at his trial in January. 

TRIAL OF man who is accused of killing Ken Dolezsar UPDATE: the trial was scheduled to start several weeks ago, it is now continued for several months. I will post again as soon as I know a better time frame.  

UPDATE: It appears that the trial will begin on April 19th, 2010 and expected to last until May 7th. 

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