Saturday, November 6, 2010

James Taylor & Carly Simon - Close Your Eyes

In one month, I will have been married 31 years, sometimes hard, sometimes not....but my hubby sent :
Well the sun is surely sinking down,
but the moon is slowly rising.
So this old world must still be spinning around,
and I still love you.
So close your eyes;
you can close your eyes, it's all right.
I don't know no love songs,
and I can't sing the blues any more.
But I can sing this song,
and you can sing this song
when I'm gone.
It won't be long before another day.
We're gonna have a good time.
And no one's gonna take that time away.
You can stay as long as you like.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Friday July 9th, I sat in the Courtroom and watched JUSTICE HAPPEN for Ken Dolezsar!

eugene wright is a killer. Here is what a jury member had to say in the comments section of the story that day on KSL.

"""Thank goodness he was finally sentenced! I was on that jury and wright saying he didn't do it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If he did not commit this murder the person who did has to have had the same DNA as Wright, look exactly like Wright, somehow gotten Wright's prepaid phone he bought to call Dolezsar to set up that meeting and somehow got Wright's gun to kill Dolezsar.

UNLIKELY!! Him and his lawyers tried very hard to throw the truth, but in the end it is all there and leads directly to Wright. This man [wright] is the cockiest man I have ever seen. All through court he had that same look on his face that they caught with the news cameras. That look was "I'm gonna get away with this." He better be in prison for life!"""

Well I was there and I saw that look too, he really acts like a bird with a canary in his mouth. Well eugene wright, you are in prison and I wish you would rot there.

You took the life of a man that was 1,000 times more than you will ever be!


There are those who want to muddy the waters with talk of others, but this day the killer of Ken Dolezsar was sent to prison.  HELL is too good for wright, he deserves the firing squad 5 times, 4 shots and then the fifth while they stand over him as he is dying and shoot him in the face one more time...just like what he did to Dolezsar....


ATTENTION: This is NOT A FORUM FOR BASHING DEE MOWER or to go over anything concerning Novak.  THE SHOOTER IS SENTANCED AND CONVICTED, JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!.....I am deleting any comments that do not follow these guidelines.

Those of you that want to sit in your living rooms and read the newspapers and armchair quarterback what happened in the courtroom do not have all the facts. PERIOD.   The defense took 2.5 years to bring information and other parties to court, they did not, this was not a case of circumstansial evidence, this was a case of solid evidence and it took a jury of his peers a few mere HOURS to convict wright. ENOUGH SAID...

I REPEAT, this is not a forum to discuss your vain imaginings, you  weren't in the courtroom, you don't know.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

beyonce HIT single ladies - 7yr old dance sensations! yak films

Wow! these girls can dance! The turns are fabulous, the choreography amazing, the fact that these young girls remember this choreography truly amazing! I just love watching these girls dance!

I am amazed at the outpouring of disdain for this dance! My oldest daughter danced in outfits like this when she was 7, she is now almost 30! I don't remember people telling me that I was raising a slut or a pole dancer! Who are these people that have these negative comments? Hove they never been to an NBA, NFL, or college basketball or football game? These types of dances are performed at every half time, by girls that have the boobs TO shake around! No one is complaining about the older girls dancing and wearing these costumes, so why shouldn't younger girls wear them?

Some say that these girls are too young to dance and wear these costumes. Why? Some say it is sexual and erotic, some even say that it is pornographic. So if it isn't all those things to 20 yr old girls why is it for 7 yr old girls?

I have a daughter who dances Latin dance on the professional-amateur level. Many are uncomfortable with her moves, which are suggestive and erotic, they are supposed to be suggestive and erotic. If you are uncomfortable, you need to ask yourself why and NOT blame the dancer! Many styles of Latin dance  are supposed to mimic lovemaking, lots of 7 yr old girls are learning to dance these dances too. Is that wrong? NO!

Isn't part of this thinking the same kind of thinking that says that a young woman wearing a short skirt was 'asking for it', after being assaulted?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 1st, 2010. A great day. Justice is served for Ken Dolezsar

May 1st, 2010. A great day. Justice is served. There is still one big question, why did he kill Ken? I knew Ken, did business nearly every day with Ken for 5 years especially during the time he supposedly had business dealings with wright (no punctuation because he doesn’t deserve it). Ken was not the man that wright’s lawyer said that he was. 

wright and his lawyer are Rude and Despicable, but who cares now, the prosecution had TONS of evidence against wright and now JUSTICE is served.

Though justice won’t bring him back, justice doesn’t make life alright in his absence. So many things have changed because of Ken’s death, so many things are gone……in every news story picture that was showed (it appeared to all be the same one) there was a hand on Ken’s shoulder; that was Matt’s. He loves and misses Ken so much……..We all miss you Ken……..

Here is a reverse chronology of the Salt Lake Tribunes’ account of the trial:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

RIP Bill Moyseyuk, RIP Grandpa Bill, Rest In Peace…….

I loved Jason Lindner before I met him. I had sourced him the fall of 06 and watched his stats through the season, with each game and a good showing I would cheer and when he had the inevitable crappy game, I was heartsick for him. Right after Christmas I told Bo that something must have happened as he wasn’t playing, a few weeks later Bo contacted him to find out that Jason had suffered a severe injury. Jason was the consummate player as he told Bo that “I am ok with the backup goalie playing, he is good and I am not ready, what is most important is, who is the best goalie for the team.” I was never more impressed with a young man’s attitude, and have never been more impressed with anyone else’s.

    I first met Grandpa Bill when he came down with Jason and his Family in April of 2007. I have never met a grandpa that loved, nor was more proud of, a grandson more than Grandpa Bill. He came with a folder of pictures, articles and memorabilia of Jason and would share it with anyone who would listen and look. We looked, we listened and we fell in love with Grandpa Bill. Bo especially loved his stories of how hockey used to be. Bo and grandpa Bill forged a friendship that was strong and true and built on a mutual love of hockey and of course, Jason Lindner.

Grandpa Bill not only became a great fan of UVSC/UVU hockey, but a fan of Matt Beaudry, Head Coach as well. Bill was supportive and helpful not only to Matt, but gave his friendship willingly and spontaneously to General Manager Lisa Beaudry. He was kind, helpful and ever ready to give advice. He supported us when others abandoned us, he was there and rejoiced with us when we were proven to be honest and upfront in our dealings during our time with the hockey team.

Bill Moyseyuk, professional hockey player, professional hockey scout, devoted hockey fan, devoted grandpa and devoted friend. I will miss him like crazy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Winter's Itinerary in India............

February 26 leave slc , fly to chicago, fly to new delhi
Feb 27 arrive new delhi 9.30 PM
Feb 28- new delhi
*red fort, jama majid, karims, nizamiuddin shrine, wedding market, old delhi tour/spice market

mar 1- agra, jaipur, vrindavan
*taj mahal, city of widows

Mar 2- jaipur
*ajmer fort, kerala massage, monkey temple, bollywood movie, court astrolger

Mar 3, 4 - bikaner
*karni mata rat temple, camel trek - camping in desert

Mar 5,6,7- jodhpur
*mehangarah fort, meheranis textiles, maharajas uncle, bishnoi village tour, dance and cooking lessons, service

Mar 8- train to haridwar/rishikesh- 23 hours

Mar 9,10,11, 12- rishikesh
*kumbh mela festival, rajiji tiger safari, yoga, village visits, rafting on Ganges, service

Mar 13-train to  new delhi- fly to goa

Mar 13,14,15,16- goa
*goa beaches, fisherman, visit to old Goa, cathedral visit

Mar 17,18, new delhi
*ghandi museum, street kids volunteering, final shopping trip

Mar 19- fly home

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Our family's babygurl is Winter. 

We only treated her like a babygirl when she was little. 

At about 9 years of age, maybe 10, she began to be a lifeline in our family. 

She is so accomplished, responsible and well, just plain gorgeous.  Winter has been Tuffy's little momma, she has been his anchor as I worked hard to manage the hockey team, and then navigate attending college. Neither Tuff nor I, nor her poppa could have done any of this without her!

Yesterday at 11am, Winter left with her high school for a 3 week long humanitarian trip to India. All of us are in culture shock. We miss her immensely. 

I must say that Winter had so much help pulling this trip all together. She worked all summer 2009 and made nearly a thousand dollars for her trip.  Family and friends helped too; Sara, Grandma Betty & Grandpa Steve, Uncle Jim & Aunt Pleasant, Dee, the Teeters and Pat. 

How can I begin to thank everyone for their love and support. 

Winter will learn so much, she will gain so much insight, she will be a different person because of this opportunity and experience.

I dropped her off and I just stood there, I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go with her, I wanted to talk with her! The only thing that I was able to do was hold onto Kathryn LeBaron whose boys go to Walden School of Liberal Arts and are going on the trip and walked in with Winter.

Next time though, I will definitely make her take her phone, at least a text that says, we are off and ok, that would have helped me let go better.

But now she is gone and the only thing I can do is wait, wait to hear from her, wait to read her comments and wait until she gets home. 

She has started her own blog, as this is the first of her BIG adventures, feel free to drop in and leave her a comment! The World with Winter.    Enjoy!

Abby Sunderland and her dream.....

Abby's Blog

It has been a dream of Abby Sunderland since she was 13 years old and began single-handing, to one day sail solo around the world. 

She is 16 years old and her blog contains the story of her attempt to become the world's youngest solo circumnavigator. Visit her  official website at Abby Sunderland and her blog at Abby's Blog.

She reminds me of our Winter, so cool headed, so responsible, so accomplished. I want to share Abby with you. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 31, 2010


I made an enemy
today, I am sure of it.

I was looking for some info on a totally unrelated topic and found this blog posting: 'Bad Report'.

A little boy comes home from school with a 'bad report' (see picture, I LOATHE all the frowny faces!!!)(names deleted)

For the life of me I could not fathom why a mom would take a picture of her kid's bad report and post it on the internet.

Poor kid! He probably felt awful already, he is obviously not enjoying school and he comes home and mom takes a picture of his 'Bad Report'.

Hmmmm imagine if my husband came home and I had a bad report and he took a picture of the messy house or the wrecked car or any other number of things that I am not doing well enough and imagine my shame if he posted them on the internet?

Here is what I posted to this mom's blog entry, I know it wasn't any of my business, but that brings up a good point; whose business is it when you post it on the internet?

I wrote, "Maybe he isn't interested in writing to the kid in Spain and most definitely not interested in 'basketball' spelling. Crap, I wouldn't be either! As an adult none of us like doing stupid stuff, why do schools expect our kids to be interested in stupid stuff...hey maybe not all 25-30 kids like all the same stuff at all the same time...maybe he just needs a break and would learn and grow at a great pace if he could focus on the really great things he enjoys....sorry, imho, that is how I see it..."

I have never believed in being disrespectful to a child, I just don't feel that it is the right, righteous, honorable or good thing to do. I try very hard and most times am successful at treating my kids that way I would want to be treated.

That is one reason why my kids are in a charter school. No frowny faces from my kids teachers! The Montessori concept of teaching children is respectful of the child. Montessori methods encourage learning in a child and foster a high level of self esteem.

I didn't wake up today to make an enemy, I don't want to make one, but I do know this....a child should be respected and most importantly, NEVER shamed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Clan Beaudry New Years Eve 2009 Top 10

#10 -Lisa received a 4.0 gpa for the fall 2009 semester. Lisa is a Junior now, on track to graduate in Spring of 2011 with a BS, Integrated Studies with Emphases in Business and Communication. She starts an Internship with the 'Office of the Mayor of Salt Lake City' the first of January.

#9 -On a cold and terrible day in December, Winter got her Learner's Permit. Clear the ditches! She'll probably use them!

#8 -The entire Clan; Lisa & Bo with Winter n Tuffy n Tuff's summer bro, Bailey, Sara, Abby & Jake with Paul, Nona n Beau, Owen & Emily and Hope & Trey went to the Clan fave cabin at Bear Lake in Utah. We grilled, slept, swam everyday with LOADS of sunscreen, hiked and played games. We bonded and loved and had a great time!

#7 -Lisa & Bo went back to where it all began in Indy! The entire Clan came except for the Wilson portion. Even Grandma Betty was there and Grandpa Steve showed up! What a great time, racing and dining and laughing and loving! Trey brought the best gift and the best surprise, an engagement ring for Hope, which she promptly tried to throw off the balcony! (Ask Hope to explain this!)

#6 -Lisa, with all the gnashing of teeth, wailing and sobbing she could muster, turned 50 yrs old. Unfortunately, few noticed.

#5 -Bo was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Provo City Fire Department in April. The whole Clan was there to support him at his 'got sworn at' ceremony. (Bo needs to explain this)

#4 -Owen graduated from the Utah Fire Rescue Academy; Recruit Fire Academy on Dec 16 as a Firefighter I & Firefighter II and EMT. We think Bo is more excited than Owen is. To accomplish such a feat, Owen and his adorable girlfriend Emily and their super-chew dog, Ivy, moved into the Clan house in August. Everyone loves having them at home.

#3 -Hope graduated from the Walden School of Liberal Arts High School with a year of college on the books. Huge celebration and even huger sighs of relief from all.

#2 -Hope & Trey were married in an elegant and beautiful peacock inspired ceremony in October. Entire Clan was in attendance including Grandma Betty, Aunt Carole and Uncle Jim. What a great week! We LOVE Trey, he is a fantastic new son for our family!

#1 -Bo and Lisa celebrated 30 years of marriage on December 7. Bo was over heard to say, "Don't know whether to give her an anniversary or a sympathy card. I think she's pretty cool tho...".

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