Sunday, January 31, 2010


I made an enemy
today, I am sure of it.

I was looking for some info on a totally unrelated topic and found this blog posting: 'Bad Report'.

A little boy comes home from school with a 'bad report' (see picture, I LOATHE all the frowny faces!!!)(names deleted)

For the life of me I could not fathom why a mom would take a picture of her kid's bad report and post it on the internet.

Poor kid! He probably felt awful already, he is obviously not enjoying school and he comes home and mom takes a picture of his 'Bad Report'.

Hmmmm imagine if my husband came home and I had a bad report and he took a picture of the messy house or the wrecked car or any other number of things that I am not doing well enough and imagine my shame if he posted them on the internet?

Here is what I posted to this mom's blog entry, I know it wasn't any of my business, but that brings up a good point; whose business is it when you post it on the internet?

I wrote, "Maybe he isn't interested in writing to the kid in Spain and most definitely not interested in 'basketball' spelling. Crap, I wouldn't be either! As an adult none of us like doing stupid stuff, why do schools expect our kids to be interested in stupid stuff...hey maybe not all 25-30 kids like all the same stuff at all the same time...maybe he just needs a break and would learn and grow at a great pace if he could focus on the really great things he enjoys....sorry, imho, that is how I see it..."

I have never believed in being disrespectful to a child, I just don't feel that it is the right, righteous, honorable or good thing to do. I try very hard and most times am successful at treating my kids that way I would want to be treated.

That is one reason why my kids are in a charter school. No frowny faces from my kids teachers! The Montessori concept of teaching children is respectful of the child. Montessori methods encourage learning in a child and foster a high level of self esteem.

I didn't wake up today to make an enemy, I don't want to make one, but I do know this....a child should be respected and most importantly, NEVER shamed.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Clan Beaudry New Years Eve 2009 Top 10

#10 -Lisa received a 4.0 gpa for the fall 2009 semester. Lisa is a Junior now, on track to graduate in Spring of 2011 with a BS, Integrated Studies with Emphases in Business and Communication. She starts an Internship with the 'Office of the Mayor of Salt Lake City' the first of January.

#9 -On a cold and terrible day in December, Winter got her Learner's Permit. Clear the ditches! She'll probably use them!

#8 -The entire Clan; Lisa & Bo with Winter n Tuffy n Tuff's summer bro, Bailey, Sara, Abby & Jake with Paul, Nona n Beau, Owen & Emily and Hope & Trey went to the Clan fave cabin at Bear Lake in Utah. We grilled, slept, swam everyday with LOADS of sunscreen, hiked and played games. We bonded and loved and had a great time!

#7 -Lisa & Bo went back to where it all began in Indy! The entire Clan came except for the Wilson portion. Even Grandma Betty was there and Grandpa Steve showed up! What a great time, racing and dining and laughing and loving! Trey brought the best gift and the best surprise, an engagement ring for Hope, which she promptly tried to throw off the balcony! (Ask Hope to explain this!)

#6 -Lisa, with all the gnashing of teeth, wailing and sobbing she could muster, turned 50 yrs old. Unfortunately, few noticed.

#5 -Bo was promoted to the rank of Captain in the Provo City Fire Department in April. The whole Clan was there to support him at his 'got sworn at' ceremony. (Bo needs to explain this)

#4 -Owen graduated from the Utah Fire Rescue Academy; Recruit Fire Academy on Dec 16 as a Firefighter I & Firefighter II and EMT. We think Bo is more excited than Owen is. To accomplish such a feat, Owen and his adorable girlfriend Emily and their super-chew dog, Ivy, moved into the Clan house in August. Everyone loves having them at home.

#3 -Hope graduated from the Walden School of Liberal Arts High School with a year of college on the books. Huge celebration and even huger sighs of relief from all.

#2 -Hope & Trey were married in an elegant and beautiful peacock inspired ceremony in October. Entire Clan was in attendance including Grandma Betty, Aunt Carole and Uncle Jim. What a great week! We LOVE Trey, he is a fantastic new son for our family!

#1 -Bo and Lisa celebrated 30 years of marriage on December 7. Bo was over heard to say, "Don't know whether to give her an anniversary or a sympathy card. I think she's pretty cool tho...".

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