Saturday, May 15, 2010

beyonce HIT single ladies - 7yr old dance sensations! yak films

Wow! these girls can dance! The turns are fabulous, the choreography amazing, the fact that these young girls remember this choreography truly amazing! I just love watching these girls dance!

I am amazed at the outpouring of disdain for this dance! My oldest daughter danced in outfits like this when she was 7, she is now almost 30! I don't remember people telling me that I was raising a slut or a pole dancer! Who are these people that have these negative comments? Hove they never been to an NBA, NFL, or college basketball or football game? These types of dances are performed at every half time, by girls that have the boobs TO shake around! No one is complaining about the older girls dancing and wearing these costumes, so why shouldn't younger girls wear them?

Some say that these girls are too young to dance and wear these costumes. Why? Some say it is sexual and erotic, some even say that it is pornographic. So if it isn't all those things to 20 yr old girls why is it for 7 yr old girls?

I have a daughter who dances Latin dance on the professional-amateur level. Many are uncomfortable with her moves, which are suggestive and erotic, they are supposed to be suggestive and erotic. If you are uncomfortable, you need to ask yourself why and NOT blame the dancer! Many styles of Latin dance  are supposed to mimic lovemaking, lots of 7 yr old girls are learning to dance these dances too. Is that wrong? NO!

Isn't part of this thinking the same kind of thinking that says that a young woman wearing a short skirt was 'asking for it', after being assaulted?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 1st, 2010. A great day. Justice is served for Ken Dolezsar

May 1st, 2010. A great day. Justice is served. There is still one big question, why did he kill Ken? I knew Ken, did business nearly every day with Ken for 5 years especially during the time he supposedly had business dealings with wright (no punctuation because he doesn’t deserve it). Ken was not the man that wright’s lawyer said that he was. 

wright and his lawyer are Rude and Despicable, but who cares now, the prosecution had TONS of evidence against wright and now JUSTICE is served.

Though justice won’t bring him back, justice doesn’t make life alright in his absence. So many things have changed because of Ken’s death, so many things are gone……in every news story picture that was showed (it appeared to all be the same one) there was a hand on Ken’s shoulder; that was Matt’s. He loves and misses Ken so much……..We all miss you Ken……..

Here is a reverse chronology of the Salt Lake Tribunes’ account of the trial:

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