Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Friday July 9th, I sat in the Courtroom and watched JUSTICE HAPPEN for Ken Dolezsar!

eugene wright is a killer. Here is what a jury member had to say in the comments section of the story that day on KSL.

"""Thank goodness he was finally sentenced! I was on that jury and wright saying he didn't do it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. If he did not commit this murder the person who did has to have had the same DNA as Wright, look exactly like Wright, somehow gotten Wright's prepaid phone he bought to call Dolezsar to set up that meeting and somehow got Wright's gun to kill Dolezsar.

UNLIKELY!! Him and his lawyers tried very hard to throw the truth, but in the end it is all there and leads directly to Wright. This man [wright] is the cockiest man I have ever seen. All through court he had that same look on his face that they caught with the news cameras. That look was "I'm gonna get away with this." He better be in prison for life!"""

Well I was there and I saw that look too, he really acts like a bird with a canary in his mouth. Well eugene wright, you are in prison and I wish you would rot there.

You took the life of a man that was 1,000 times more than you will ever be!


There are those who want to muddy the waters with talk of others, but this day the killer of Ken Dolezsar was sent to prison.  HELL is too good for wright, he deserves the firing squad 5 times, 4 shots and then the fifth while they stand over him as he is dying and shoot him in the face one more time...just like what he did to Dolezsar....


ATTENTION: This is NOT A FORUM FOR BASHING DEE MOWER or to go over anything concerning Novak.  THE SHOOTER IS SENTANCED AND CONVICTED, JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!.....I am deleting any comments that do not follow these guidelines.

Those of you that want to sit in your living rooms and read the newspapers and armchair quarterback what happened in the courtroom do not have all the facts. PERIOD.   The defense took 2.5 years to bring information and other parties to court, they did not, this was not a case of circumstansial evidence, this was a case of solid evidence and it took a jury of his peers a few mere HOURS to convict wright. ENOUGH SAID...

I REPEAT, this is not a forum to discuss your vain imaginings, you  weren't in the courtroom, you don't know.

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